Messe Interdite is now in full streaming here.


Celebrate Valentine's day with some misery...
Black Crafted Elegies, 4th album, is out today on Distant Voices. Limited edition of 91 copies + special edition limited to 13 copies (including lots a surprises). More infos here.


Mélancolie is sold out from both Blwbck and Distant Voices. Digital available here for free donation.


US customers can purchase the Mélancolie Ep at the mighty Fragile Branch.


Mélancolie is officially out today. Preorders went fast. Order a copy here.


Mélancolie, new Ep containing 3 songs for 25 minutes will be co-released by Blwbck and Disant Voices on November, 1st.
Limited tape edition of 44 copies (including digital). Be fast.


First interview ever. Done by L'Antre des Damnés in the chapter XVIII.


For the loss of ghosts, new Ep, is now out on Distant Voices. Limited handmade edition of 61 handnumbered copies. Act fast.


Lore is now sold out. The digital version is available for free donation.


A new Ep is complete. It features 2 songs for 21 minutes of depression and it will be out on Distant Voices very soon.


Lore, second full-length, is now available on Blwbck.
Limited tape edition of 55 copies including digital (black tape in a black case).
You can listen to the side A here & order the tape here.


Miséricordes reviewed by L'Antre des Damnés. Merci.


Lore, the second album, is being mastered by Adrien Broué as I am writing this. It will be out in a limited tape edition on Blwbck early 2013.
More infos soon...


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Miséricordes tapes are now SOLD OUT. Warmest thanks to all who ordered it, your support is much appreciated.
Digital edition remains available for free donation here.


Recordings of what will be the second Misery album are done. Mixing is almost over.
It will be released on tape by the end of the year by Blwbck (and "something" might come end 2012/early 2013...).
The album is inspired by solitary walks in nature and will contain 4 tracks for 50 minutes of misery, life, love & death.
August is killing.


"Rien à foutre d’un black metal-objet d’art".


A very personnal and therefore very interesting review of Miséricordes by Ambient Churches. Published on friday the 13th. Neat.


Some coldness for hot summer days : "Sous l'égide des martyrs", taken from Miséricordes, is featured on the Summer Hartzine playlist.


Miséricordes is officially out today on blwbck. Limited tape edition of 44 copies including insert & the digital version.
You can listen to the full album here & watch the video there.
Order a physical copy via blwbck.
Also available on digital for free donation here.

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First review of Miséricordes written by Anti-Gravity Bunny. Read it here. Merci Justin.


Miséricordes is now available for preorder from blwbck. Limited tape edition of 44 copies including insert & digital version.
You can listen to a full track & watch the video here.
You can preorder a copy here. Official release date is set to june, 26th 2012. Thank you.


Miséricordes, EP containing 4 new funeral chants will soon be released on a limited tape edition of 44 copies on blwbck.


The Miseria Aeternia demo has been reviewed by Metallian.


Messe Interdite is out in a limited handmade edition of 33 handnumbered copies.
Excerpts here. More infos & order here.

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